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Customized SEO and Website Optimization

The Challenge

When this client contacted our company, the website was a well-known and established site in their industry. Its website also had fairly good rankings on search engine results and was getting a good number of visitor each month.

However, they used to hire content writers and use in-house content management. The generated pages when new information and reviews were added to the website were not really well optimized. Furthermore, there were some serious architectural concerns with the website. This prevented search engine spiders from consistently and thoroughly crawling to the website.


Our objective at our company was to dominate the rankings for search keywords related to any systems reviewed on the website. They wanted to rank higher in the search engines for any titles related to their service. Since the revenue of the company is generated from marketing sales, more traffic means more inventory for ad sales and the more ads being sold, the more revenue. To gain more traffic, we knew that it had to be much more visible when visitors use search engines.

The Solution

After discussing with our client, we created a customized website optimization package designed to obtain their ranking objectives and to also meet their budget. Because our client website had a proprietary content management system and some architectural issues, we decided to work closely with their web development team to conduct the SEO consultation.

As the SEO consultant of the company, we were able to send our team to their location to partner with their house programmers and determine how their system worked to obtain a complete web optimization.

Furthermore, we created and developed customized search engine optimization best practices and designed them into their proprietary CMS. When new pages were added to the website, they are usually getting ranked within just weeks, if not days.


The success story of this project with our client was truly remarkable. Their rankings on organic search engine skyrocketed and many of previously unindexed pages are now being regularly crawled by search engine spiders.

The number of new visitors to the website doubled within just the first two months after the completion of the optimization. There was also an incredible 1500 percent increase in organic search engine traffic from the time they started working with us. There was also a massive growth in revenues and traffic.

Working closely with their team and with our innovative tools and digital marketing methodologies, we were able to deliver their desired results in no time.