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Generating Good Traffic But at Very High Costs

The Challenge

The client has an international reach with websites in other countries. The websites were generating good traffic but at very high costs. The company wanted to reduce their six-figure PPC budget without jeopardizing the number of click-throughs that are converted to customers.

To take advantage of quality results without spending too much, they wanted to work with a reputable company that could take over their PPC campaign management to improve them while integrating an aggressive search engine optimization campaign to increase organic search traffic.

In addition, the company wanted to have better insights to the performance of certain keywords by accurately analyzing website analytics data.

The Objectives

There were 2 phases to the project that were considered. Our expert team immediately worked to make essential improvements in their Pay Per Click campaigns, while taking quick and efficient steps in improving the sites’ organic search engine rankings.


To optimize ranking of the websites on search engines, the optimization techniques we used included the following:

  • Competitive evaluation and optimization of keyword
  • Integrated accessibility attributes
  • Comprehensive linguistic analysis for keywords and keyword phrases for the business demographics
  • Ensured the compatibility and navigation across all browsers

For PPC management strategies, we utilized:

  • Ad campaign testing
  • Keyword bid management for the monitoring of spending
  • Analysis of web analytics to measure performance
  • Complete analysis of landing page
  • Continue development of keyword phrases and keywords
  • Prioritized the perfect time for results to stay on top of search engine listings


The results were truly remarkable. When it comes to first place organic positions, the website had enjoyed an increase of 3,133%. There was also an eighty percent decrease in the PPC budget monthly, while enjoying 15,345% increase in top 20 organic search engine rankings.


An accurate analysis of data, including the visitors’ attitude in visiting a website, how long they stay to a page and how effective is the current campaign is crucial in addressing issues and improving organic search results. The client was so pleased with the results, as it exceeded their expectations.