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Major Redesigning of its Website

We have helped major brands and companies, as well as small businesses not only find new clients online but also achieve their business objectives. This is due to our proven track record of creating, developing and executing high-end page and website strategies that lead to real quality results that last. See for yourself how we’re able to help businesses across all industries.

The Challenge

The client was undertaking a major redesigning of its website. They wanted to make sure that there is no search traction that’s lost. Furthermore, they wanted to improve their search engine rankings by applying the new search engine optimization practices.

The Objectives

In this case, the following goals were established:

    • Keep the current search result rankings for main terms
    • Increase local visibility in local directories and in Google
    • Gain better website online visibility<

    The Process

    To maintain and improve the organic performance of the website, we provided the following services before the launch of the new website:

        1. Technical and On-site Optimization. We ensured the installation of appropriate lead tracking codes and set up the Google Webmaster Tools to fix any preexisting issues. We also evaluated the visitor-facing items that help major search engines understand the website and its pages’ topic.

    We have identified and implemented SEO techniques that wouldn’t jeopardize the new website design. We also applied keywords strategically throughout the website so that search engines will easily recognize the topic of every page.

        • Local Online PR. This part of the process included locating local resource websites where we could list the local business information of the website. This helped drive more traffic to the website and provide local signals to search engines.

    The Results

    We helped the client expand their user interaction and reach on the website by improving their keyword as well as the PR strategy. The Technical Optimization service also helped increase search ranking to generate an increased traffic. The results can be summarized as:

        • 122 percent non-branded organic traffic increase
        • 5 percent increase in how much longer visitors stayed on the website
        • 3 percent increase in new users
        • 98 percent increase of performance in organic visitors who visited other web pages when they arrive on the site


    When done correctly, website repaired with quality built-in elements of SEO can have a valuable improvement in the organic performance of a website.