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In today’s business industry, your website is your business card. It is a prospect’s initial introduction to your brand. Are you giving them the right first impression? Take a closer look at your website. What message does it convey to visitors about you or your brand?

First impression is everything and it indeed lasts. The book cover often determines whether you are going to buy the book or not. The photos on a brochure determine the holiday destination you choose. In the same way, it is your website design that determines whether customers will do business with you or not.

Why Does your Website Design Matter?

So, you have excellent quality products and amazing services. You are an expert in the industry and know that you can deliver greater and better services than the competition. However, no one notices your business online. In this case, you might need to take a closer look at your website.

If your website has vibrant, clashing colors or the words are difficult to read, then it is unlikely that visitors will spend much time there. No matter how stunning your products and services are, if your targeted customers can’t find you online or if they do, they immediately leave because of your poorly designed website, then you will never achieve your business goals.

If you are unsure what is wrong with your website design, we are going to take a closer look at some design elements to determine exactly what your website says about your business.

Choose the Right Logo. Your brand logo must be synonymous with your brand. Visuals resonate with people more powerfully than text. Therefore, when choosing a brand logo, think about the message you convey when people land on your business site.

When people visit your website and see your logo, they’ll have a response and your job is to ensure that it is the response you want.

The Colors that Represent You. In web design, make sure that the colors clearly represent your business. In fact, studies reveal that the color of a product can influence sixty to eighty percent of the purchasing decision of a customer and that it is the first thing they will notice about your brand logo. Choose an appropriate color that represents you and your brand.

Ensure a Smooth and Stress-Free Navigation. One of the primary causes of site bounce rates is poor navigation. If you notice that the bounce rates for your industry are higher than normal, then it can mean that customers do not know how to make your site work for them.

The navigation experience of your customers should be smooth and easy. It has to be instinctive and automatic.

Your website is often the very first point of contact of your customers to your business. It is also the first place they learn about your organization or brand. You want the first impression to be good, so make sure that its design is aligned with your business and what you are trying to portray.