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Website Is Not Generating Enough Traffic

The Challenge

It has been quite frustrating for the client to spend more on PPC campaign, trying to compensate for low enquiry volumes. They would also invest in additional advertising just to get the word to more people. They were also getting frustrated of the lack of good result being generated from their online marketing campaigns.


We worked closely with our client, listening to their concerns, answering questions and formulating a quality and cost-efficient action plan to address every issue quickly. Obviously, the website is not generating enough traffic, causing their leads to suffer and the number of visitors to decline.

We have conducted a complete website audit for the website and conducted a comprehensive trends or insights analysis and keyword search.


We looked for competitive, traffic-yielding keywords and quick win terms, as well as high value terms that could generate more traffic. Our expert website designers were able to design a new, responsive website to give visitors a pleasing experience when they visit the website. We made sure that it was fast loading and that every webpage is responsive.

In addition, we integrated new keywords for PPC and SEO and customized the landing pages for conversion. The services we used to solve the client concerns include the following:

  • Comprehensive Keyword research and insights
  • Ongoing Integrated Marketing
  • Quality SEO techniques and professional execution
  • Ongoing Analysis and Monitoring of Conversion
  • Creation and Development of SEO and PPC optimized business website


Their business has dramatically improved since using our services. They were able to see an organic traffic improvement of 2110 percent in just less than a year. They have more than three-hundred new visitors each day.

How well they did on other goals? Here are some more results:

  • 55 percent reduction in the overall PPC spend
  • 190 percent improvement in Paid leads in just three months
  • Ranked first in Google Mobile and search engines for targeted keywords
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased user engagement and reduced bounce rates


Over the last twelve months, the company website has increased significantly in its organic visibility. With the use of accurate data analysis and our latest systems, we were also able to determine which of their competitors were actively trying to improve their organic positions. In this case, we are able